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Anigrama is an independent project created by Miguel Alexander García. Venezuelan, CEO & Game Designer.
Maduro SimulatorMugBallMoto Taxi DestroyerGloplosh
Maduro SimulatorMaduro Simulator
Maduro Simulator 1.2
Casual - Release: 08-2017
Downloads: 1.912
ESRecommended Age [12]Android
MugBall 1.1
Casual - Release: 09-2015
Downloads: 58
ESENRecommended Age [12]Android
Moto Taxi DestroyerMoto Taxi Destroyer
Moto Taxi Destroyer 1.9
Carreras - Release: 11-2014
Downloads: 16.785
ESRecommended Age [18]Android
Gloplosh 2.0
Casual - Release: 09-2014
Downloads: 91
ESENRecommended Age [3]Android
Games Published: 4 | Total Downloads: 18.846
Anigrama Studios ®
Is a independent project created to develop mobile games for all ages. Developed by Miguel Alexander García with great goals and constant training in new tools. Anigrama Studios continues growing every day bringing the best and addictive games with Venezuelan seal.
Miguel Alexander García [CEO]
I was born in Caracas (Venezuela). From an early age I've been interested in the visual arts and technology, qualities that motivated my interest in digital design. I formalized my studies at the University Rafael Belloso Chacin (Zulia), obtaining a degree in Graphic Design. After exploring the diversity that offers graphic design I decided on game development, I discovered an exciting and challenging world where I currently serve. Outside the professional field, I am a lover of films and good music, geek, gamer, guitarist and composer in my free time.
Gamer Stuff
My first console was the Atari 1600, My favorite games are: Final Fantasy Saga (Final Fantasy VII), Megaman, Castlevania, Assasins Creed, Darksiders, Dragon Age, The Witcher, Dead Space, Alan Wake. Favorite Developers: Square Enix, Bethesda, Ubisoft, CD Projekt RED, Bioware, THQ, Ninja Theory, Visceral Games.
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What is Anicode?
It is an alternative to buy virtual goods in Anigrama Studios games if you do not have a way to pay from your mobile phone. You can purchase through Paypal, bank transfer or participating in social events!
How does it work?
Easy! After acquiring the Anicode, you will receive an email with information. Run your favorite game enter the code and voila!
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